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Expo 2015 Milan

Our History at Expos

We have be involved in Expos since 1967

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The history of Crystal at Expos

Expo 2020 in Dubai is Crystal Fountains’ fifth contribution to a World Expo and arguably its most impressive and successful. In Dubai, Crystal will have a total of twenty (20) water features on display including five (5) that will only be unveiled at the end of Expo, on March 31, 2022, and will serve as part of the legacy use of the site.

The water features on display are state of the art and include special effects and interactivity not previously incorporated  into water features. To accomplish this we worked closely with architects AS+GG from Chicago, and Landscape Architect SWA from Sausalito, California for the Al Wasl Plaza, as well as AECOM and Asif Khan Studios from London, UK, and 20K from Quebec City for the Mobility, Sustainability and Opportunity concourses.

For the previous Expo in 2015 in Milan, Crystal contributed to the central showpiece feature working with Watercube from Italy. This exhibit featured a sound and light show which was considered leading edge at the time. 

Before that, our first Expo contribution was in 1967 in Montreal working with architect Gerald Gladstone. This was followed in 1986 Vancouver with Zeidler Architecture and thereafter in 1992 Seville with Exhibits International and the Government of Ontario.

Crystal Fountains has designed over 4,000 water features in its 50 years of which over 600 are in the MENA Region. With a further 70 presently under design, Crystal Fountains’ presence will be felt for many years to come

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Expo '67 Montreal
Expo '92 Seville
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Expo 2015 Milan


clock These water features will be active after the expo