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Crystal Water Features at Expo 2020

“Crystal Fountains is proud of the water features that have been created at Expo 2020. We first began our involvement designing these features in October 2015 and have been involved since, culminating with the features’ final commissioning leading up to opening day in October 2021. Six years and thousands of hours on one project means that these features are firmly ingrained in our hearts, minds and memories. 

Each one of these features is unique and serves a purpose within the space they occupy. But they couldn’t have been achieved without the visionary clients we had the honour of collaborating with and without Expo’s desire to push innovation within all aspects of the space. Each feature you will explore here pushes water feature innovation in some way. Whether it was the sensor technology used in the ‘Emirates Interactive’ and ‘Water Mirror’ features, or the first ever use of “super hydrophobic” coating technology used in the ‘Hydrophobic’ feature; innovation and its use in creating unique patron experiences at Expo 2020 was what drove us throughout the whole process.”

Darcy L’Heureux – Vice President, Crystal Fountains, Inc.

Emirates Interactive

Opportunity District

Water Mirror

Opportunity District


Mobility District

Gravity Mist

Sustainability District


clock These water features will be active after the expo