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Twenty water feature collaborations

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The Expo site is laid out in three districts with themes that point to the Future, and Crystal Fountains has designed water features that embody these aspirations.

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Opportunity is about unlocking the potential within individuals and communities to shape a better future; it encompasses areas such as education, employment, new industries, financial capital, and governance.

Find four Hydrophobic Runnels on Horizon Avenue and one on Sky Avenue near Union Avenue.
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Emirates Interactive

Listen to Creative Director, and feature designer Rob Mikula has to say about the Emirates Interactive feature.

A seven (7) by seven (7) grid of sophisticated sequencing jets serve to represent the seven Emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates. The grid of 49 individually addressed sequencing jets allow for a variety of choreographed programs based on the level that any group achieves in a cooperative game. The jets are activated via forty-nine (49) foot activation pads that frame the interactive deck. Each foot pad includes a concealed weight sensor that transmits data to activate various sequencing logic patterns. Water and light expressions will be activated as variations of sine waves (aka “magic carpet”) depending on which foot-activated pads are activated.

WF Layout: Each feature includes a 7m x 7m interactive deck complete with 600mm x 600mm square paver units throughout. Forty-nine (49) sensor pads (with concealed load sensors) are positioned around the perimeter of each interactive pad.

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Water Mirror

Listen to Creative Director, and feature designer Rob Mikula has to say about the Water Mirror feature.

Each passing person or group’s height is matched by the fountain jets which follow them as they walk along the concourse. This fountain utilizes the principles of sound waves + light metamorphosis + immediate responsiveness + motion + transformation. Primary activation is via body movements – action-reaction sequences. Height recognition effects.

Three lines of individually addressed special sequencing jets are positioned between concourse columns and run parallel to the direction of public movement and flow. Strategically positioned stacked laser optical sensors (4 stacks) are activated by visitors movement within a designated 2.5m wide “fun zone”. The “fun zone” is an imaginary area that functions as the people detection zone. The signals sent by each group of optical laser sensors are translated into activation language to activate the appropriate jets, jet heights and LED’s.

Layout: Each feature zone measures approximately 2.3m wide to include the sequencing jets. This zone measures approximately 12m in length. Sequencing jets are positioned 450mm on-center to form a critical mass of water that follows the public.

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Mobility focuses on creating connections to drive human progress forward and digital connectivity. Focusing on building a harmonious, global society where information, ideas and goods are exchanged faster than ever before this district highlights how mobility continues to transform the way we live, connect with people, understand different cultures, and exchange knowledge and ideas.

Find four Hydrophobic Runnels on Horizon Avenue and one on Sky Avenue near Union Avenue.
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Hydrophobic Runnels

Listen to Creative Director, and feature designer Rob Mikula has to say about Hydrophobic water features.

With sub themes of Expo being velocity and speed, and as the world gets faster and faster around us, we can watch it go past or run to catch up.

In this first of it’s kind feature, water droplets are released adjacent to each column and run via gravity in recessed grooves until they reach the next column where these droplets will disappear into a drainage slot. Each run between columns is visually connected to the next one along the concourse such that a continuous relay of high velocity water flow along the concourse is seen.

Water is manipulated to create a natural dialogue emphasizing speed, temp and momentum. The compact and simple architecture references Arabic script of shallow runnels enhanced with a super-hydrophobic coating. This coating creates a nanoscopic surface layer that repels water.

  • Water Feature Layout: 485mm wide UHPC (Ultra High Performance Concrete) panels c/w six (6) 15mm wide rivulets. Panels are set at minimum 2% slope in order that water balls travel via gravity flow. Raised channel high end set at minimum 450mm above finished floor.
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Sustainability explores living in balance and harmony with our planet. Innovations and practices using advanced technology protecting our ecosystems, managing resources—like water, to create a lasting future.

Find two Gravity Mist features on Sidr Avenue and Mangrove Avenue

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Gravity Mist

Listen to Creative Director, and feature designer Rob Mikula has to say about the Gravity Mist water features.

This water feature explores the idea of gravity or rather anti-gravity within the visitor experience they offer.

By challenging the constraints of gravity the presence of these water features makes the visitor look upward and think beyond. This is the mindset of opportunity which we want to capture to compliment the other activities within this district.

The pool operation is a transformational experience. Mode A is the dry deck with no visible water. The filling of water is activated and the feature transforms into a flooded deck as Mode B. A grid of concealed fog emitters are activated to create the Mode C “mist”. The next Mode D sees the pool drainage mode activated to expose the previously submerged fog emitters to create a cloud of fog.

Layout: Both pools are set within an architectural Arabic script seating wall zone. The C1 pool @ 1.1m diameter & the C2 pool @ 1.7m long x 600mm wide. Both pools measure 500mm deep.